Ducted Gas Heating

Can I turn off outlets if I am not using them?

Yes, it can be more efficient if you close off outlets in rooms that are not used. This is called "zoning" - and it is possible to have it done electronically i.e. You can turn off a formal living area by pressing a button on the wall controller. However, depending on the size of the heater, you must have a minimum of 5-7 outlets open at all times.

Can I add an air conditioner to my existing gas ducted heating system?

Yes, you can install an add-on airconditioning system although we do need to enlarge the size of the duct network (if it has not been done before). We need more airflow to cool the home as opposed to what we need to heat the home, therefore we need bigger ducting to accommodate it.

Add-on refrigerated cooling can be run through the same ductwork as gas or electric heating. Due to placement of ducts and air humidity, evaporative cooling needs its own ductwork. Yes, this is called Add-On Air Conditioning. The ducting must be up-sized to allow for the larger airflow that Air Conditioning requires.

I have a ducted system and the air only comes out in part of the house?

Ducted systems can be designed so that only parts of the house (zones) can be air conditioned at a time. Check to see if  the zone switch is turned on.

My house has a concrete slab floor, does it work through the roof?

Yes, it is common to have the system installed in the ceiling. M&R will make sure that the system is adjusted to reflect this, i.e. the sizing of the fan has to be large enough to blow the heat down to the ground, the outlets must allow the air to flow through freely so it can reach a low level and the "Return-Air grill" should be also be at a low level.

Which is the best model for me?

All heaters have a star rating to indicate operating efficiency. The more stars the cheaper it is to run, but the greater the initial purchase cost. So to recommend a specific model, we will assess how long you intend to live at the house, how large the house is, what temperature and how often you intend on using the system.

Can I get a remote control?

Yes, but because the system judges the house temperature via the thermostat inside the controller, we recommend the controller be mounted on a wall in your main living area so that it can read and communicate the correct information to the actual heater.

What if I just want to heat one room or area?

A Radiant Panel heaters or Fan Forced Heaters are designed to heat a single area. There are different sizes to match any room size.

What about service or maintenance of heating systems?

A The "Return Air filter" should have a vacuum run over it regularly and the unit requires a technician to service it every 3 years.

How often do I clean my air filter?

A general indication is when the filter light flashes. But depending on the environment or the air purity, in a normal domestic situation once every season is adequate. In a commercial situation, once every month.

I've cleaned my air filter but the light won't go off?

You will need to press the reset button. On wall splits and floor consoles you will need to remove the grille to find the reset button. With ducted, light commercial and commercial situations the reset button is on the controller.

What are the advantages of gas vs electric heating?

The key advantages of gas vs electric heating are:

  • Lower running cost 
  • More environmentally friendly 

Both systems can be run through floor or ceiling ducts, and both can incorporate add-on refrigerated cooling.

It is also important to consider the area you need heated. The question may not be gas vs electric heating, but rather whole-of-home vs space heating.

Natural gas-fired ducted systems with a 4-5 star rating will generally be cheaper than even relatively efficient electric heating. The total cost depends on the above factors and on your usage.

How can I reduce the running cost of my heater?

Creating efficient electric heating or gas ducted heating reduces the running cost. This can be done by:

  • Turn off the system when people will be sleeping or out of the house 
  • Install insulation in your ceiling and walls 
  • Seal gaps around doorways and windows 
  • Reduce the ‘set’ temperature – the higher the temperature, the higher the cost
  • Ensure you have the right system for your home and requirements.
  • Maintain your system by getting it regularly inspected and cleaned.

Can I install or service my system myself?

No. Incorrectly performed gas installation or maintenance work can create a serious health and safety risk. A licenced electrician or gas plumber can provide you with a compliance certificate for any work done, which protects you if any problems develop later.

In using licenced tradespeople, you can be confident that you won’t breach your manufacturer’s warranty conditions. Furthermore, you need to be aware that many kinds of electrical and gasfitting work must, by law, be performed by licenced or registered professionals. Protect your home and yourself – use a professional gasfitter or electrician.

What does EER stands for and what does it mean?

EER, stands for Energy-Efficiency Rating, this measures the air conditioner’s energy efficiency and energy consumption. The higher the EER the less energy the air conditioner will consume.

Should I zone my house? Why?

A zoning system is created to suit the many ways you use your home. Perhaps you want a different temperature than a family member or maybe you have areas that don’t need heating or cooling? With a zoned system you are able to divide your house into different areas, giving you the control and comfort you always desired.Some of the benefits of residential zoning are: efficiency, control, comfort, and quiet performance 

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