Can I have evaporative cooling running through the same ducts as my gas ducted heating?

No, unfortunately the airflow for evaporative cooling is too large to fit through the smaller heating outlets. Evaporative coolers have their own separate ducting network in the ceiling.

Is it necessary to leave a window or door open whilst the unit is running?

Yes, you must have an exit point for the air that is adding to your house. It must vent to outside so that the cooler can continue to provide more fresh, cool air. No hot air from outside the house can come inside because the Evaporative cooler creates positive pressure inside the house, so the air inside is busy rushing out the window or door openings. Think of the house like a balloon. If you pop a hole in a balloon, no air rushes into the balloon because the air inside is busy rushing out.

Are they noisy?

No Evaporative cooler is silent, just like a fridge, ducted heater or other appliance with a fan. The technology in the fan and motor has improved drastically so noise is now no longer such a concern. The unit is usually installed over a wet area (bathroom or laundry) and is sized and installed so as to minimise the noise inside and outside the house.

Does evaporative cooling not work as well when it gets really hot or muggy?

Evaporative cooling works best in hot dry conditions. How well the evaporative cooler works is dependant on the outside temperature as well as humidity levels. The drier the air is, the better the cooling effect. On muggy days it is still better to have evaporative cooling than to not have it, but its effectiveness will be slightly reduced on days of high humidity. On hot dry days, evaporative cooling is quite simply the most efficient and effective way of cooling.

How cold does it make it on a hot day?

Depends on temperature and humidity levels. An Evaporative cooler works for a few different reasons.

It lowers the effective temperature of the air (3-4 degrees) due to air-flow over the body. It lowers the actual temperature (between 6 - 10 degrees) through the evaporation process. Reduces radiant heat from the house. Airflow prevents physical house absorbing heat.

Does the evaporative cooler do heating as well?

No, it is just Cooling - it cannot be combined with a heater. Although, Mercury Heating and Cooling can install all types of reverse cycle air-conditioning and heating systems.

What about water restrictions?

Evaporative cooling does use water, but they are not affected (and never have been) by water restrictions. They only hold and drain 6 - 10 litres of water at the end of the day when the unit is turned off. The system will use more water in the Evaporation process (which is how it cools the air), but this is a very small proportion of a typical households water usage. A full week of Evaporative usage will often be less than the amount of water used in a normal household bathroom in one day.

What about service or maintenance?

Same as ducted heating - a service and clean should be performed every 3 years. If the maintenance free features are fitted then there is NO SEASONAL MAINTENANCE. NO COVERS, NO WASHING PADS, NO DRAINING. The unit will automatically fill up with water, drain the water, flush the pads and seal the unit after EVERY DAY of use.

How often do you have to change the filters?

Because the unit washes and drains itself automatically, and under normal domestic usage, the pads will need changing every 8 - 10 years.

How long does it take to install?

The majority of jobs are finished in 1 day. A licensed plumber and A-Grade electrician perform the installation and provide all warranties and Certificates of Compliance on Plumbing and Electrical.

Can you shut down the outlets in rooms not being used?

A No, there is no need to. Simply open the windows in the rooms being used (i.e. lounge/living room) and the air from other areas of the house not being used (i.e. bedrooms) will vent through living area windows or doors.

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