Split System Air Conditioners

What size system do I need for my house?

As a rough guide, 1kW will heat/cool 1 square of home. However, over-sizing is just as bad as under-sizing, so it’s important to use a professional to determine what size system you require. If you buy an air conditioner that is too small for the room it will not cool or heat adequately. If you buy one that is too large, the air conditioner will cool the room before it dehumidifies and this can leave you feeling clammy. We take into account what type of home you have, how many rooms need to be cooled, room size and ceiling height, and existing insulation. From that we can recommend what type of system would be suitable. Book an appointment with us to visit your home.  

Can I switch my air conditioner off at the powerpoint or at the fuse box?

It is ok to switch the power off, particularly if you are away for long periods. However, most units have a low wattage crankcase heater that keeps the compressor warm. Damage could occur if the compressor is cold at start-up. If you switch off your air conditioner,it must be turned on at least 12hrs before use.

How frequently do I have to clean my air filters?

Based on the warranty terms and conditions air filters should be cleaned about 4 times a year (quarterly) through out the duration of the 5 year warranty.

Can I get it in cooling only?

Yes, split systems can be cool only - but the difference in price with a reverse cycle (heating and cooling) is very small - usually less than $100 - so most people choose a system that heats and cools.

Why does my air conditioner not blow air immediately after it starts operation in the heating mode?

The air conditioning conducts a “warm-up” operation so it won’t blow cold air in the heating mode.The fan begins operating after 1 to 4 minutes of warm up.

The lower the temperature outside the longer the warm-up will take)

How much do they cost to run?

It is very difficult to determine exactly how much they cost to operate. Running cost may vary greatly, depending on a number of factors:

  • House Design (size, ceiling height, window coverings, insulation etc) 
  • Gas Vs Electric Heating 
  • Duct Location 
  • Other Gas/Electric Appliances
  • Set temperature
  • System operating hours (how long system is on for)

How can I minimise my running costs?

There are three ways to help minimise the running cost of your air conditioning system:

  • Turn off the system when people will be sleeping or out of the house 
  • Install insulation in your ceiling and walls 
  • Seal gaps around doorways and windows 
  • Reduce the ‘set’ temperature – the higher the temperature, the higher the cost
  • Ensure you have the right system for your home and requirements.
  • Maintain your system by getting it regularly inspected and cleaned.
  • Run your system at 24 degrees during summer for efficient electricity use.
  • During hot weather, turn your air conditioner on early rather than working it harder once your home warms up. 
  • Adjust the louvres on split system air conditioners so they disperse air downwards when heating and upwards when cooling. 
  • Clean the air filter regularly. 

Can I have multiple indoor units run off one outdoor unit?

A Yes, Multi-Head splits are an option. Although, the installation price can increase and effectiveness decrease if the indoor heads are located a long way away from the outdoor compressor. A consultant from Mercury Heating and Cooling is happy to advise on the most suitable options for the specific needs of your home.

Which brand is the best?

There are a number of brands that we recommend. Bramik can supply and install a range of the best brands. Some brands suit certain applications better than others. 

Can I use just one remote controller for three different areas?

No, this is not highly recommended. Individual indoor units should have their own remote control. In this case there should be a remote for each area, and these should be set-up by the installer to operate each individual indoor unit.

What’s the difference between ducted and split system air conditioners?

Ducted air conditioning cools a complete home, with most components hidden in the ceiling cavity. Split system air conditioners are more suited to cooling one (or a couple) of specific rooms in your home. Give us a call if you want to find out which type would be most suitable for you.

What is Reverse Cycle?

A Reverse Cycle airconditioner will provide cooling in summer and heating in winter. Cooling airconditioners are still available in some models however due to high energy efficiency of the heating operation they are only used in hot areas, for example: North Queensland.

What are the main differences between an Inverter and a Non Inverter?

Thanks to new and advanced technology, Inverter air conditioners are more economical to operate and much quieter than non inverter splits. They are smoother and more stable in operation, and can handle greater extremes in temperature. Inverter air conditioners can also reach the wanted temperature faster than non inverter splits

Can air conditioning make you sick?

Only if the air conditioning system is poorly maintained, it can make you sick. Well maintained air conditioners can only add to a healthier environment.

Does the term SPLIT mean that the airconditioner will heat as well as cool?

No, the term SPLIT system simply means that the unit is split in to two parts. There is an indoor (fan coil unit) and an outdoor unit (Condensing unit).

What is an inverter?

An inverter type system is the name of the technology that allows the capacity of the system to ramp up or down in capacity according to demand.

Will the installation process create a big mess?

We take great care to minimise the mess during the installation process, but if you have anything that you don’t want getting dusty simply place a sheet over it prior to us starting.

How does an air conditioning unit work?

An air conditioning unit seems to cool your house air, but in reality it makes your house less warm by taking the heat from the indoor air and transferring it to the outdoor air. Heat is removed from your house by passing indoor air through a refrigerant coil in the indoor unit. The indoor air is later carried out into the outdoor unit through a refrigerant line, and it is released into the outside air.

What are the main differences between R410 Gas and R22 Gas?

R410 Gas is the most recent development in refrigerant and delivers outstanding stability, low toxicity and non-combustibility. R22 Gas refrigerant has been used for many years and it is an industry standard refrigerant.

What about service or maintenance?

The filter should be cleaned regularly. A light on the unit will indicate when this is necessary.

If I leave the door open will it blow through and cool the bedroom or other rooms?

A Usually a Wall split system is designed to cool only the room that it is installed in. If it is oversized then you may get some "drift" into other areas, although this is not recommended. A ducted split system is designed to cool multiple rooms at one time, or you can choose a Multi Head Wall Split system.

Why is my unit blowing cold air, even when it is in heat mode?

When the desired temperature is reached in the room space, the indoor unit will slow the fan but it will continue to circulate a small amount of air to measure room air temperature. The air is actually at room temperature but it may feel “cooler” because the indoor unit stops heating the air until the room temperature falls. Another reason for this to happen is because your system might be low on Gas

During the heating cycle, a white mist is expelled from the outdoor fans?

During winter, most air conditioners defrost when the outdoor temperature is below 6°C. This mist is normal, it is only warm water vapour being expelled.

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