Ducted gas heating

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The newest stars from Seeley International

  • The world’s first six star heating range
  • The world’s first non-condensing five star heating range

Seeley International is proud to introduce two new product ranges that represent a significant breakthrough for the industry. Building on our history of product innovation and “firsts”, we have now launched the world's first six star ducted heating range and the world's first non-condensing five star ducted heating range.

Six star ducted gas heaters – the highest efficiency yet

The new Braemar six star range is the first in the world to break the six star barrier. We've cleverly redesigned our heaters so they can now deliver far greater efficiency. When you consider that each additional star means 10-15% in energy savings, that's big news for the environment and for Australians.

Come and see this fantastic new technology for yourself!

New five star range - in compact form

Our new five star range is non-condensing, which means the heater cabinet is one third smaller than other five star heaters – and that means it’s much easier - and therefore cheaper - to install. 

Other five star heaters need to have drains, so that the condensate created by the heating process can be drained away.

Our new technology means we can now also deliver a five star rating without producing condensate, so there is no need for that drain – and the size of the cabinet can shrink, by one-third.

Now you have an easier, cheaper way to get five star efficiency!

Value for money   High efficiency   Outstanding efficiency   Highest star rating available
Easy to operate   Economical to run   Very economical to run   Lowest running costs
Proven reliability   Zone heating capable   Zone heating capable   Zone heating capable
SoftairTM for greater comfort   SoftairTM for greater comfort   SoftairTM for greater comfort   SoftairTM for greater comfort
        Corrosion-resistant heat exchanger   Corrosion-resistant heat exchanger

Zoning Options

Braemar ducted gas heating offers two zoning options:

  • Standard zoning with a single Spectrolink controlling a common zone, plus up to four additional zones 
  • Spectrolink Multizone zoning with a separate Spectrolink controller in each of up to four zones, allowing you to have different temperatures, in each zone.

Standard zoning

With standard zoning, one Spectrolink controller manages a common zone, as well as up to four additional zones. Heating can be turned on or off in each of the zones – great for saving money by not heating areas you aren't using.

Spectrolink Multizone, for outstanding control and efficiency

If you’re looking for even greater efficiency, you can upgrade to the Spectrolink Multizone system (upgrades available with all four, five and six star systems). Remember that it’s easier and more-cost effective to do this when the system is first installed.

With this clever zoning option, you can have different temperatures in up to four separate zones. So the living areas can be warmer than the bedrooms – and you can even switch zones off completely, saving money. Each zone has its own Spectrolink controller (hardwired to the wall), giving you total control over the individual comfort levels throughout your home.

If you’re interested in upgrading to Spectrolink Multizone, we recommend talking to your experienced Seeley International dealer. They will work with you to plan the zoning system so it best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Spectrolink™ controller   Yes Yes Yes  Yes 
Manual digital         Yes 
Optional zoning up to four areas   Yes  Yes  Yes   
Multiple temperature control (with zoning)   Yes  Yes  Yes   
Multiple controls   Yes  Yes  Yes   
Home and Away function   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes* 
Flexible operation (run at 25% of full capacity)   Yes  Yes  Yes   
Programmable settings    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes* 
Manual operation    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Softair™ function    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
10 fan speed settings    Yes  Yes  Yes   
Thermostatically controlled   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Colorbond® cabinet    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Internal models    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
External models    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Inshot burner    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Technologically advanced heat exchanger    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Single point ignition    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Self diagnostics    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes* 
Operate cooling    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes* 
Back-lit controller    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Electronic ignition    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Electronic flame sensing    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   
3 Year General Warranty   Yes Yes Yes Yes
+2 Year Optional general warranty extension   Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 Year Heat exchanger & burner warranty   Yes Yes Yes Yes
*product benefits only available with Spectrolink Multizone Controller.

Spectrolink controller convenience

The Spectrolink Multizone controller provides you with simple control options over every function of your Braemar gas central heating system. This includes:

Regulating temperature throughout your home in up to four different temperature zones Temporarily over-riding settings Automatically turning zones on or off, up to four times each day Operating refrigerated add-on cooling or Seeley International evaporative cooling – using a single controller

Home/Away setting

Sometimes things change – for example, you are home on a day that you would normally be at work. With the Home/Away button, you can temporarily override your standard settings – suspend the normal program cycle, switch the heating on or off earlier than usual or change zone settings – all with one simple press of a button.

You don't need to reprogram anything – another press of the Home/Away button will return the system to its preivous settings.

SoftairTM fan system

Exclusive to Braemar, the SoftairTM function delivers continuous warm air and ensures no cold drafts.

InShot BurnerTM

The InShot BurnerTM shapes the flame for maximum heat, minimising gas wastage for higher efficiency. The burners are made of long-life aluminium, reducing maintenance requirements.

Combustion inducer fan

Using leading-edge bearing, motor-cooling and speed control technologies, Braemar's combustion inducer fan draws all combustion gases through the heat exchanger and expels them safely outdoors. It's designed for ultra-safe, quiet operation.

Electronic ignition

Microprocessor controlled electronic ignition eliminates the need for a pilot light. It manages the gas ignition system and the fan controller system, ensures dependable ignition and monitors all heater, flame sensor and safety functions.

Ecostar Tri-ActionTM heat exchanger

This comes standard on all five and six star Braemar ducted gas heaters (except the non-condensing five star THM range). Delivering maximum heat transfer in minimum space, it features a "no-weld" tubular design for maximum durability and long-life corrosion-resistant construction.

Multi-level safety controls as standard

We don't just care about keeping you warm – we care about keeping you safe, too. That's why all Braemar heaters have numerous layers of safety points to protect you at all times.

Flexible installation

With Braemar ducted heating, you can install the heater in the roof our outside the house, with ducts in the ceiling or under the floor.

Easier installation

Seeley International's two-piece heater has been a runaway hit! This modular construction means that the complete range of Braemar heaters are much easier to install. In many cases, they can be put into the ceiling space via the manhole - without having the cost of making a hole in the roof to get the heater in.

Also, the heater cabinet is specially designed for a quick-change panel arrangement. Your installer can interchange the panels to suit various inlet and outlet requirements.

Quiet heating

Braemar is designed to work as quietly as possible, by distributing warm air via a series of ceiling or floor ducts – quickly, effectively and without fuss.

Custom designed for your home

Yet another reason that Braemar heats your home so effectively is the computer-assisted Braemar central heating sizing guide. Only Braemar offers this program, which accurately profiles the size, perspective and main characteristics of your home. This ensures the best installation plan and the most ideal heating system for you.

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