Ducted Evaporative Cooling


A fully ducted evaporative cooling system is the most economical way to keep a home cool in most parts of Australia, including the Melbourne metropolitan area. There are various models which differ in purchase cost, running cost, the size of area that can be cooled and the design of the system.

Evaporative Cooling works by drawing air from outside and passing it through a central cooling unit containing moist pads. The air is cooled, filtered and then distributed throughout the house via a series of outlets. Your Pulbrook Air Consultant determines where these outlets should be in order to provide optimum comfort. Evaporative Cooling is economical and continually pumps fresh, clean, cool air throughout your home at

Evaporative cooling consists of a central unit which is generally located on your roof. This unit draws in fresh air via water laden pads. The air is then cooled as well as filtered and then transferred in to your home via a series of ducts. The air is delivered in to all the living areas as well as the bedrooms just like a pleasant sea breeze.

Healthy air

Evaporative cooling is the healthiest way to cool your home as it is bring in fresh air which in turn replaces the air in the home many times per hour. The air in your home is not re-used and so all odours and allergens are expelled from the home.

The system is great for allergy sufferers as the whole process is natural and will not dry your skin or irritate your eyes or throat. The door and windows can be left open which lends itself to our outdoor lifestyle in Australia.

Cost effective

Evaporative cooling is the cheapest way to cool your entire home as there is no compressor in the system and you are simply running a fan and a small water pump. It can be up to 7 times cheaper to run than refrigerated air and since it uses less electricity then it is kinder to our environment.

Money And Environment-Saving Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative air conditioning is the lowest cost cooling option for your home, both in terms of initial outlay and ongoing costs. Quiet and efficient, evaporative air cooling is very popular in Australian homes.

Benefits Of Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Low Emissions (lower electricity costs) Environmentally Friendly Can Cool Whole House Allergy Friendly Uses Fresh Air

An evaporative cooling system comprises a central roof-mounted unit connected to a duct system throughout the house. The unit draws in fresh air from outside the house, passing it through moistened pads, which lowers the temperature of the air and filters it before it flows into your home.

Evaporative Cooling Systems In The Home

Being a natural process, evaporative cooling systems do not require the use of refrigerant chemicals and do not dry out the air. The evaporative air conditioning system ensures a constant flow of fresh air through your home – more like a refreshing sea breeze than a refrigerator.

Ducted evaporative cooling can help eliminate smoke and cooking odours from the home and helps indoor plants thrive. The constant flow of fresh air provided also means that bacteria and dust in the air is expelled, making it a more allergy-friendly system.

Unlike refrigerated systems, evaporative air cooling requires you to keep windows and doors open. For families, this means that children running in and out of the house are not a problem.

Modern evaporative air conditioning units are also extremely quiet, which means that the only disturbance to a good night’s sleep this summer will be the sound of crickets.

Evaporative Air Cooling: Cheap And Green

Ducted evaporative cooling is cheap to install and can have a running cost that is up to seven times lower than an equivalent refrigerated system. In fact, systems can be run for less than $1 per day!

In addition, evaporative cooling systems can produce less than 15 per cent of the greenhouse gases produced by an equivalent refrigerated system, which means that you’re helping the environment as well. Many modern units also incorporate water-saving technologies, making them even better suited to the drought-conscious Australian market.

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