Ducted Gas Heating

A ducted heating system allows you to heat your home with superior flexibility. There are ducted heating products to suit every home from underfloor to ceiling ducted heating. Fully ducted heating is one of the best ways to heat your entire home. Using gas ducted heating is one of the best options to heat your home economically and efficiently.

Room-by-Room Settings

Gas ducted heating systems can allow you to set a different desired temperature for each room in your house. It may be that different family members have different temperature preferences, or that some rooms in your home are rarely used and so do not need to be regularly heated.

This ability to set different temperatures in different rooms also allows you to save energy. Leaving rooms unheated lowers the amount of energy used, meaning that you can save money and help the environment.

Gas ducted heating comprises of a heating unit which is in turn connected to a series of outlets via a system of ducts. The outlets are then placed throughout the home in the floor or the ceiling. The unit is either installed in the ceiling cavity or externally if you have a timber floor and adequate space under the floor. The ducting is run invisibly in the home.

Whole house heating

With ducted heating you don’t have to walk out of a warm room into a cold one. You can be watching TV while the kids are in bed and everyone stays warm.

Gas Ducted central heating is the most efficient way to heat your entire house. You can save up to $300* per year in operating costs to heat your entire home using a high efficiency gas ducted heater compared to using gas space heaters.

A household using electrical appliances for heating produces three times** more greenhouse gas emissions than a household using ducted gas appliances.

*Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria, 2004 for a house size up to 150m2
**AGA (Australian Gas Association)

Move to a warm zone

Ducted central heating offers heating flexibility through zoning. Zoning enables you to divide your home into sections so living areas can be heated during the day and sleeping areas at night, or whatever suits you. Zoning is not only practical but economical. It can reduce your gas bill by up to $200 pa. in a typical home. So don't forget to ask about zoning when you speak to your dealer.

What is ducted heating?

Gas ducted heating heats air in a gas-fired central heating unit and circulates it throughout your home via a network of ducts. Positioned strategically throughout your home, these outlets, or ducts, are installed either in the floor or ceiling. Positioning of the heating unit depends on your house.

If your house is built on a concrete slab, the unit is installed in the roof. If it has space underneath or a very low roof line, the unit is installed outside or under the floor. The ductwork, which connects the outlets to the heating unit, is neatly tucked away out of sight.

How does ducted gas heating work?

A ducted gas heating system includes a number of essential components:

The heater itself; Insulated ducts that carry air from and to the heater; Vents (also known as grilles or registers) that spread air into individual rooms and return air to the heater; and A thermostat.

Gas heaters work by passing cold air over a heat exchanger, which is warmed by gas combustion. The warmed air is then pushed through ducts into the home via a series of vents in the ceiling or floor.

A thermostat is installed in the main living area. This senses the air temperature inside the home and sends a signal to the heater to cycle on, or off, to maintain the desired temperature.

The products of combustion are all discharged safely outside the home, via a flue.

How does it work ?

This type of heating system works by drawing air from the home via a return air grille. This air then flows through the heater where it is warmed. A fan pushes it into the rooms of your home via the outlets/ducts network, in the form of a steady, gentle supply of warm air.

Once the temperature inside your home reaches your pre-set temperature, the burners inside the heating unit switch off. The fan then comes to halt slowly, ensuring that all the remaining heat inside the unit is used.

Much like a Ducted Split System, a gas ducted heater can be installed either in the ceiling (ceiling downjets) or under the floor (floor registers), depending on the build of your home. A ducted heater also has the ability to have zone control, which means that you can turn off areas that are not in use and save money on your next gas bill.

Energy Saving Incentives

Natural Gas is recognised as one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly fuels for heating your home. To make energy efficiency more affordable, some state and territory governments in Australia provide financial incentives to help customers choose gas heating products. For the latest information regarding these initiatives, you should contact your relevant local government agency.

Energy efficiency

Gas ducted systems are very energy efficient, which means that they have a very low running cost. Using a high efficiency type gas ducted system can save you up to 35% in operating costs when comparing with a standard efficiency type.

The central heating unit will switch off its burners once your home reaches the pre-set temperature. The fan circulating air slows down, meaning that all of the remaining heat in the unit is used to heat your home. As such, a gas ducted system only uses energy when your home is below your desired temperature.

When burned, gas produces far less carbon dioxide emissions than coal. In Victoria, electricity is largely generated by burning coal, which means that a gas ducted system is much more environmentally friendly.

The efficiency of these systems, combined with the low, stable cost of gas, makes them very cheap to run. All gas ducted heating systems come with an energy efficiency rating, as provided by the Australian Gas Association.


  • Gas Ducted Heating is the cheapest whole home heating solution. 
  • Ability to have zones (4* Units and above) – Heat only the rooms you are using. 
  • High Star Rating @ 3.7 (TH3* Series), 4.7 (TH4* Series) 5.6 (TH5* Series) & 6.0 (THM6* Series). 
  • THM6* Series unit is the only 6 Star rated unit on the market. 
  • Entire home heating solution. 
  • No pilot lights or open flames. 
  • Can be paired with Add-On Cooling at a later stage if required (must be specially configured during initial installation for this benefit).

Why ducted gas heating?

In most areas, electricity costs are rising faster than gas, so natural gas heating offers a cost-effective alternative. Plus it's kinder to the environment, as it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most other forms of heating. Australian Gas Association research found that gas ducted central heating produced just one third of the emissions of heating produced by black coal-generated electricity. (Source: Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Natural Gas, Australian Gas Association, 2000).

When it gets really cold outside, reverse cycle systems lose efficiency, while Braemar ducted gas systems keep your home as warm as you want it – no matter how cold it gets outdoors!

Ducted gas heating provides instant warmth that won't dry out your eyes.

Ducted gas heating heats your whole home – delivering lovely warm air through unobtrusive vents in the ceiling or floor.

You get fingertip control – increasing or decreasing the temperature to suit you and your family.

The higher the star rating, the more efficient the heater. Ratings measure what percentage of gas used in the heating process is converted into heat. The higher the rating, the closer to 100% of the gas is being converted into heat.

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